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Since our beginnings in 2000, we have always drawn our inspiration from the lives and opinions of our customers. And tested our ideas with them. Today, it's even easier: thanks to social networks and mobiles, you can participate as ever. Why deprive yourself?


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A bank that adapts to you, it changes everything: simple processes, 100% online, secure and all the range of products you need at the best rate!


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We are again ranked the cheapest bank ... and for the 10th year in a row. It's up to you to calculate the savings you could make on your bank loans!


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Take back control of your finances. Find all your online services 7/7, 24/7 and even from your mobile: Opening your accounts simple, fast and 100% online. Consultation of the balance of your accounts, the last banking operations and initiation of transfers

Depending on your profile, you will choose one of the 4 investor profiles ranging from a defensive profile favoring the security of your investments and a more moderate performance for your savings to the offensive profile resulting in a very strong exposure to risk and reserved for the savvy controlling financial products and instruments. The Guaranteed Financial Savings Account is aimed at those who wish to benefit from the dynamics of the stock markets by relying on the expertise of the management company ODDO BHF Asset Management for the management of their savings.

Track the evolution of your Funds

  • Your cash balance
  • The composition of your stock market portfolio
  • The valuation of your investment funds by fund
  • Your cost price and the current price of the fund
  • Your unrealized gains or losses
  • A sheet on each fund and its course history

Monitor the evolution of the financial markets

  • In your Customer Center, you have everything at hand to invest well:
  • Stock index news
  • Financial and economic news
  • Palmares, analyzes, tips
  • Mutual Funds can all be invested in a Securities Account and some in a PEA