Life insurance is even better online (especially with us)

The insurance contract thanks to the good performance of its funds in euros in 2017, its flexibility and its advantageous taxation, makes the competition booklets. To save money, but also to get a loan, to prepare for retirement or to pass on wealth. And at OFFICIAL-BANK, in addition, it is simple.

Past performance does not prejudge future performance and is not consistent over time.

  • You can You can subscribe as many contracts as you have projects.
  • Not even of payment cap. You have margin
  • You can manage most of your online transactions on computer or even on mobile
  • Management               under mandate reaches you
  • It's potentially more efficiency and less energy spent. Why deprive yourself?
  • For our contract we chose Generali Vie, one of the leaders in international insurance.

Our awards


2019 Gold Trophy


TOP 2016 Insurance


Das Besondere

  • You can withdraw your money at any time, but it's after 8 years that the tax is the most advantageous
  • You can take out as many insurances as you want / can, with no ceiling
  • Take advantage of its benefits to prepare for your retirement. The sooner you start, the better!
  • If you are looking for total security, invest in funds in euros: these are the only 100% guaranteed media
  • If your goal is transmission, save as much as you can before you turn 70
  • Always write your beneficiary clause accurately, and keep it up-to-date
  • When comparing offers, look closely at management, entry, payment and arbitration fees
  • If you are looking for total stability, finance funds in euros: the guarantee is 100%

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